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Here i publish some of my - mostly java related - it-projects
For the moment some pages are in englich, others in german only.


Shellintegration of Java Applications English
a windows-shell extension to give java applications in jars some more options.

Minesweeper Deutsch English
mostly to inspect a variation of the game, programmed in Java (runs on Win, *nix, Mac...).

Jpg Optimizer Deutsch English
a little tool to adjust jpg compression interactively, programmed in Java (runs on Win, *nix, Mac...).


Transfering 'text/html' in Windows English
Problems and bugs: transfering 'text/html' from Java to native applications in Windows

ZipFile and non Ascii chars English
You can't get the contents of a ZipEntry wich name contains 'umlauts' (precisely any char>127) with Java 1.2 - 1.4. It's mostly all right with 1.1.8.

Choose control points for cubic bezier curves English
In common graphic environments (Java 2D, Postscript, wmf/emf/WinAPI, SVG) a cubic Bťzier curve segment is drawn from two base- and two control points. Little application to play with.

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